Karina Iohan

"I paint my life with my camera"



                     Silent love                         Venezuela
Love through sickness and health
         Bronze casting class


New York based photographer Karina Iohan was born in Bucharest, Romania where she spend the first years of her childhood. In 1989 she won  Freeport Art Council Photo Competition Best-In-Show Highest Award and her work has been highly praised by the New York Times Magazine. Almost Franciscan in her modesty her work is for her a perpetual occasion of shared joy:

“What am I? An image beggar! I beg people to give me an image, funny or painful, an image, a moment of breath."                                            

“The stillness of time remains encapsulated in my images. They release energy and they speak on their own, they tell me tales about a succumbed past.“                                                  

“I paint my life with my camera, with my lens I feel, with the shutter I shoot, I freeze a gesture that comes from within.”

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