Organic CV



This project talks about self-representation. It tries to re-create in organic terms a certain file containing CV’s and it has the following stages: 

1.      Each participant takes himself or herself a nude photography in the most comfortable and expressive position. In order to achieve this I have created in studio a certain installation, made of a mirror and a camera, thus arranged so that what is to be seen in the reflection of this mirror will be exactly imprinted on film. The participant is alone in this studio, having unlimited time to find himself or herself the most convenient position and to release the shutter. 

2.      The resulted photographs will be life-size printed (200X133cm) and they will be exhibited on the two sides of a long and narrow space. This passage will be built of panels and it will have doors at both ends. Its purpose is to hinder the viewer from moving away from these photos. 

If you wish to be part of this project, please contact me.


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